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Goods for Good – Keeping vulnerable families alive during the bitter nights.

by Ana Watson|11th January 2018

We are very proud to be part of Comfy, who have made significant charitable donations to those less fortunate during 2017 in the UK and abroad.

Earlier this month, we received a lovely letter from Goods for Good, thanking Comfy for our support throughout this year for their charity, keeping vulnerable families alive during the bitter nights.


Our 2017 donations include:

  • 10,440 duvets
  • 2 40ft truck of duvets
  • 429 bales of duvets
  • 2,516 mattress protectors
  • 900 tents
  • 4 trucks of pillows

Together we were able to support people who are really living in abject poverty. In the last 3 years, our donations alone have saved over 20,000 lives.

What we automatically take for granted here in the UK is, for people in countries where poverty or war prevails, a bright light, a ray of hope. With temperatures reaching as low as -20 degrees in the countries the goods have been delivered to, these duvets really are a lifeline.
Goods For Good is involved in projects in more than 12 countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.