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National Bed Month 2017

by Hayley Wilkinson|14th March 2017

March marks the start of National Bed Month 2017 which is a month long awareness campaign about your bed and the importance of a good night’s sleep. Run by the National Bed Federation (NBF) and The Sleep Council.

A good bed, mattress and bedding is intrinsic to a great night’s sleep but it is more often than not overlooked when we are not getting enough sleep. We blame the usual things such as noise or light but a bad bed can be just as hazardous to your quality of sleep.

Not only is it important to change your mattress every 7 years, it’s also vital to keep it healthy and clean during those years with mattress toppers and protectors. Turning the mattress regularly and washing your duvet and pillows on a monthly basis will ensure that you sleep happy and healthy.

For more infomation on national bed month check out www.sleepcouncil.org.uk