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Pillow purchase leads to dream holiday for Basildon Mum!

by Hayley Wilkinson|4th October 2016

A Basildon Mum has won a dream holiday for her entire family – and it’s all down to a pair of pillows.

Lynette Davis and her family were struggling to find a trip during school holidays that could fit their budget – but after buying pair of Silentnight pillows from Argos on Westgate Park, Lynette, her husband, her two boys, her sister, brother in law and their two sons are all travelling to Sardinia for their 2017 holiday.

The prize was part of the brand’s “Dream Holiday” promotion, which puts winning tickets in all of its specially marked filled products throughout 2016. Winning codes on tickets reward winners with holiday vouchers, ipads, gym equipment and bikes.

Says Lynette, whose vouchers totalled £2,500: “It was my husband’s birthday when we discovered that we had won the holiday vouchers. This was by far his best birthday present!”

Hayley Wilkinson from Comfy Quilts adds: ”Lynette is our first big winner and we are delighted to help her entire family head off to Sardinia; it’s a wonderful island. There are many more prizes still to be won in our Dream Holiday promotion, so shoppers need to look out for the special Silentnight packs marked with a blue star, as they contain the flyers with the potentially winning codes.”

Concludes Lynette: “The trip to Sardinia had seemed out of our reach due to the cost of travel in the school holidays. Not now! We’re all incredibly grateful.”