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Comfy Quilts donate 1,800 tents Syrian refugees

by Hayley Wilkinson|5th February 2016

In 2015 we donated 1,000 duvets Goods for Good who send products donated by UK businesses to vulnerable communities living around the world. Working closely with the charity’s founder, Rosalind Bluestone, we arranged for our duvets to be shipped to refugees in Syria. Rosalind explained how this donation of duvets helped to save lives, ““6,000 children died last year during winter 2014.  I wanted to thank you, not only from our team, but from each and every man, woman and child recipient to who your quilts brings not only warmth; but also hope.”

The Kurdistan/Syria crisis continues to be a key focus for Goods for Good and there are currently over 2 million refugees living in poor conditions. With this in mind, Comfy Quilts arranged for 1,800 pop-up tents to be shipped to Syria courtesy of our sister company, Get Pitched. The tents will help to provide shelter, warmth and protection to refugees.

We are proud to support Goods for Good as they continue to help refugees in need.